What's So Smart About It?

Here at Smartcard we believe that given a choice between paying 100% of a bill or paying only 30-80% the "smart" person will most often choose the latter. We're betting on it. The Smartcard is an app that allows you to charge a virtual credit card on your smart phone and spend that money at huge savings.

Here's how...

Getting Started

  1. Download the FREE Smart Card app onto your mobile phone. (Find it at the Android Market and the Apple App Store under "My City Smartcard").

  2. Create your account. You will be prompted for a username and password and basic contact information. (Smartcard does not share or sell your personal information)

  3. Use a Credit/Debit Card to add money to your Smartcard balance by tapping the "add money" icon

  4. Check the merchant list for available discounts

  5. Use some form of transportation to get yourself to one of our merchants

  6. Use your Smartcard like cash

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How It Works

  • Once you've downloaded the Smartcard app and added money to your account you will then be able to use that money just like cash at participating businesses.
  • Your Smartcard Merchant list will tell you where the Smartcard is being accepted and what the discount is at each individual merchant.
  • When paying your bill, simply select the business, press the "pay now" button, enter the bill total, allow you server/ checker to press the "submit" button.
  • That's it!! Your Smartcard account will be debited only the discounted amount.
  • Ex. You had a lovely meal at Humboldt County's Finest Restaurant. The Smartcard savings at the restaurant is 40% and your bill was $100. Once your server hits submit on your Smartcard app the transaction will be complete. Your Smartcard account will be debited just $60.


  • Up to the second access to your transaction history both on your phone and online
  • Notifications of new merchants and offer changes
  • GPS specific transactions so you will never "accidentally" spend money
  • Mapping and sharing functions for all merchants

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